The society
The firm provides clients with an assistance and consultancy service, both in the setting up and in ordinary and extraordinary activities.
In particular, this service concerns:

  • choice of the type of company, drafting of the articles of association and completion of the acts necessary for incorporation in accordance with general and special laws
  • advice to shareholders on any actions to be taken
  • sale/acquisition of companies
  • transfer/acquisitions of shares
  • "joint ventures"
  • mergers, demergers, acquisitions, contributions and company rentals
  • stock option plans
  • voluntary liquidation procedures

International Tax Planning
International tax planning becomes an essential point for the group that operates on a global basis. Our international taxation experts, with the support of our network, are able to provide multinational clients and international investors with a global vision and innovative solutions. In this context, the analysis of the sustainability of the policies applied to establish intra-group transfer pricing is of essential importance; our firm carries out functional analyzes and macroeconomic studies to verify and ascertain the sustainability of the methods used with the authorities; tax of the countries involved.

Private Equity
An important part of our business is dedicated to private equity transactions, in which our firm assists Italian and foreign funds, both for the legal and fiscal part of those transactions.

Tax audits and disputes
We regularly assist our clients in tax audits and disputes and represent them before the tax jurisdiction bodies.

Boards of Statutory Auditors
Many of our partners and associates have the legal and professional requirements to perform the functions of statutory auditors both in ordinary joint-stock companies and in listed companies or financial intermediaries; beyond the functions imposed by law, we have always interpreted our functions as statutory auditors as an important moment of mutual exchange of professional experiences, aimed at an ever better management and information to third parties of corporate phenomena.