• Assistance for the negotiation of corporate loans / refinancing
  • Analysis and reclassification of financial statements, business plans and corporate economic and financial plans, also in relation to M&A transactions
  • Economic-financial evaluation and planning of real-estate operations
  • Evaluation and economic-financial planning of operations, including M&A, in the tourism sector
  • Interventions such as CTP (party technical consultant) in disputes, before ordinary jurisdiction or arbitration boards, concerning economic and financial aspects (with particular reference to issues relating to economic and financial plans, loan agreements, export and project finance)

Labor law
Our clients are constantly confronted with problems related to labor law.
Our lawyers provide clients with the necessary guidelines for the correct and effective application of general and special labor laws. We provide for the drafting of contracts, the preparation of employee share plans, staff incentives and the management of labor disputes in general.

Intellectual Property
With the constant growth of the market, our customers need to defend the free circulation of their products by protecting themselves from all infringements, imitations and any infringement of the right of ownership. A key area of our work is aimed at protecting the rights of customers, proceeding with the drafting of contracts that regulate the use of patents, licenses and other intellectual property or the preparation of precautionary actions aimed at paralyzing illegal situations caused by third parties.

Third sector
The firm carries out legal and fiscal consultancy and assistance to non-profit organizations, foundations, public and private social assistance bodies, hospitals, trade associations and consumer associations.